Fenugreek (Methi)


Fenugreek Scientific Name

Trigonella foenum-graecum

Fenugreek Other Names

English: Fenugreek
Hindi: Methi, Sag methi (fresh leaves), Kasuri methi (dried leaves)
French: Fenugrec, Sénegré, Trigonelle
German: Bockshornklee, Griechisch Heu
Dutch: Fenegriek
Sanskrit: Methika, Methini

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek, clover like herb, is native to Mediterranean region and extensively used in Indian cooking. It’s seed smell like maple syrup, but has a distinctive bitter taste. Apart from being a flavoring agent It’s extracts are also used in soaps and cosmetics.
Fenugreek is a wonder medicine due to it’s active alkaloid called trigonelline that reduces blood sugar level and hence used in treating diabetes. Fenugreek also acts as a Glactogogue that increases milk secretion and hence often recommended for lactating mothers. Foods containing fenugreek seeds have also found to reduce menstrual cramps, correct poor menstrual flow and promote regular cycles.

Common forms of Fenugreek

Capsule, Tea, Tincture, Seeds, Fresh leaves

Fenugreek is commonly used for:

  • Treating digestive problems including constipation, loss of appetite and gastritis
  • Breastfeeding Problems
  • Boosting breast milk production and flow
  • Treating and managing diabetes
  • Treating low testosterone or libido
  • Curing painful menstruation
  • Managing menopause and related symptoms
  • Treating arthritis
  • Treating high blood pressure
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Menstrual Difficulties
  • Laryngitis
  • Preventing and treating Baldness
  • Treating migraines and headaches

Fenugreek Dosage

Seed: 1-2gram orally three times a day
Tea: 500mg seed/150ml water
Capsules: 610 milligram capsule three times a day

Fenugreek Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Diarrhea, Bleeding, Hypoglycemia .
Not so common side-effects: Allergic reactions.
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Consumption of fenugreek should be avoided as it contains oxytocin and acts as a uterine stimulant which could cause contractions and preterm labor.
Children: Not Known.

Where to Buy Fenugreek in US?

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