Avi, Chinmayi, and Cindy celebrating Holi (Indian festival of colors)

We are not certified yogis or ayurvedic practitioners. We gather information from as many sources as we can and present it here. If it makes sense we make a recommendation on Ayurvedic Herb, Spice, or Formulation. If we are not sure we say it as it is and let you decide based on the information we have gathered for you.

Avi: The Irreverent

If you are looking for one word to describe how I see things, irreverent will be it. I like to question, understand in detail and be able to explain it to others before I can trust any claim.

My grandfather in India owned farmland and Mango orchard which was tended to by sharecroppers. So he really did not have to work himself. So he decided to become an Ayurvedic Vaidya (Doctor). He treated his patients at no charge. The story has it that he had the treatments for even infectious diseases such as cholera which traditionally are the forte of modern medicine. As a kid, I used to visit my grandparents during the summer holidays. Being educated in ways of science in city schools in India, I did not buy into any of Grandpa’s old-style Ayurvedic knowledge and at times even made fun of it.

That was then. Fast forward a few decades, grandpa has passed away and I am older. Old age brings all the standard considerations and ailments, a glimpse into one’s own mortality. I have become open-minded to explore longevity solutions beyond western medicine. Ironically, this openness came after being here in the US for over 30 years. Everything I researched on Ayurveda seemed to be disorganized and at times does not reconcile well with modern medicine. I am on a mission to change that. Simply put let’s research Ayurveda and take what works and discard which has been superseded by new discoveries and the increase in human knowledge.

Chinmayi: The Ambitious

She came to The University of Texas, Dallas to do her Master’s in Marketing. She already had Masters in Nutrition and a few years of work experience in the Nutrition testing labs. The TV show Suits filled her with dreams of possibilities and freedom. Her dreams were to work for Marketing/Ad agencies on Madison Avenue. Part of her Marketing degree education brought her to do an internship at Avi’s Marketing Agency in Austin, KUWARE. She convinced Avi to watch Suits so Avi can be motivated to grow his boutique agency to a large business with an office in Madison Avenue and she will run it. A lot of ambition for an Intern! Avi gave her a lot of copywriting, marketing, and business books and convinced her to read them. Beyond wanting to create businesses she loves cooking. She is excited to combine her knowledge of nutrition and marketing to understand and evangelize Ayurveda.

Cindy: The BuzzyBee

Cindy was born in Long Beach, CA, and grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest. Cindy had never met anybody from India before Avi. Cindy and Avi met and fell in love, and have been married for over 25 years now. Together Avi and Cindy have raised three amazing kids. Avi’s contribution has been to teach them to question everything and Cindy taught them (and Avi) to be nice to people. By profession, Cindy is an ER Nurse practitioner at the busiest ER in Central Texas. Cindy loves cooking from scratch and gardening, and her Hindi handwriting is better than Avi’s. We have recruited Cindy to grow some of the Ayurvedic herbs in her garden and she was not allowed to say no 🙂


So what gives us authority on all things Ayurvedic? 

Absolutely Nothing! 

All we offer is curiosity and irreverence towards all things Ayurvedic. 


Now it’s your turn! We want to hear from you, especially if you have experience working with Ayurvedic gyaan personally or professionally.