What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a medical condition that occurs when a herniated disc, bone spike on the backbone, or lessening of the spine squeezes a section of the nerve. This triggers inflammation, discomfort, and frequently some lack of sensation in the impacted leg.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

There are some typical symptoms of Sciatica:
  • You may feel a pain that travels from your butt, down the backside of your thigh, and then into the toe.
  • Sciatica typically involves both the lower left and right sides of the body.
  • You may experience severe pain while performing general stuff like driving, walking, running, household chores, etc. You may also feel the pain while sneezing or coughing.

What are the Causes of Sciatica?

  • Several causes may trigger this Sciatica. However, there are some obvious causes of this condition.
  • Any injury to your spinal cord may trigger this condition.
  • Also, doing irregular exercise may cause Sciatica.
  • In most cases, overweight people tend to get Sciatica more than those who are healthy or thin.
  • Sometimes, sleeping on a soft mattress can trigger Sciatica.
  • For the ladies, wearing high heels for a long time may be the reason.
  • Other than that, there are some health conditions, such as herniated disk, degenerative disk disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, etc. can cause this Sciatica.

When to see a Doctor?

  • In case you have mild Sciatica, you can expect it to heal over time. You may need to see a doctor if the self-care measures are not helping you to alleviate your discomfort.
  • Also, if your pain is lasting longer than a week, and worsening, you should consult your doctor immediately.
  • In some severe cases, you may experience a sudden pain in your back or leg and you may also feel numbness and muscle weaknesses. You can have trouble controlling your bladder or bowel. These are the moment of a medical emergency without any further delay

Lifestyle Prevention of Sciatica

  • Preventing sciatica is possible just by following some preventive measures. Let us understand how you can avoid getting Sciatica.
  • The most important is to follow an exercise regime which will strengthen your back. This way you can avoid any back injury..
  • Maintaining a good posture while sitting and standing is important.
  • You should always avoid bowing over to pick up any heavy items. As a substitute, squat down to pick the objects up with the legs.
  • Diet is always important. Being overweight increases the chances of sciatica problems.

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Sciatica

There are some great Ayurvedic remedies that will help you to minimize the symptoms of Sciatica.
  • Nutmeg Oil: Use 2 to 5 drops of Nutmeg oil with sesame oil or coconut oil and massage softly on the impacted area two times daily for the joint pain to heal.
  • Garlic Milk: Garlic milk is very effective to relieve any kind of pain. To make the milk,take 10 cloves of garlic and peel it. Then put the garlic cloves in a pot and boil it with two cups of milk and one cup of water for about 5 to 6 minutes and then strain the milk and drink it. Add honey for sweetness.
  • Guggulu: Guggulu paste is one of the most effective cures for back pain. Applying guggulu paste relieves back pain and also strengthens the muscles.
Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Nutmeg | Guggulu | Ashwagandha Churna | Balarishtam | Garlic | Indian Aloe Vera
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Not Known
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