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Poor Circulation


What is Poor Circulation?

Poor circulation is a medical condition that occurs when there is a decreased blood flow in any section of the body. The human body has a circulation system that is designed to send blood, oxygen, and important nutrients throughout the body. While there is a reduction of blood flow in a particular part of the body it is described as poor circulation. This may cause symptoms like swelling, numbness, and tingling mostly in the arms and legs.

What are the Symptoms of Poor Circulation?

  • The typical symptoms of poor circulation can be numbness, swelling, and tingling in the hands and feet. You may also experience cold hands and feet.
  • In some extreme cases, an individual can also experience loss of memory and may have trouble focusing.
  • Some physical issues might also occur, such as digestive problems, muscle spasms, varicose veins, fatigue, and joint pains.

What are the Causes of Poor Circulation?

The causes of poor circulation are widespread. It is mostly caused by peripheral artery disease. Some blood clots due to any underlying disease or any injury may also cause poor circulation. In some cases, obesity may trigger this condition. Varicose veins and Raynaud’s disease can be a cause for poor blood circulation as well.

When to see a Doctor?

As the major cause of the poor blood circulation is related to underlying heart condition, one should never ignore it if it happens frequently and experiencing multiple symptoms. Visit your doctor if you have circulation issues.

Lifestyle Prevention of Poor Circulation

  • Some great preventive measures can be followed to avoid poor circulation.
  • The most important thing is to have mobility. Poor circulation can be prevented by working out regularly. That is important. Exercise will help your blood flow and will prevent you from having this condition.
  • Quitting smoking is another way to avoid poor blood circulation. Smoking hurts the walls of your arteries and produces plaques that may lead to poor circulation.
  • A healthy diet is very important to treat any condition. So, there is no exception in this case as well. Eating clean is very important. Eating food that is rich in iron is a great choice.
  • In case you are seated for a longer period, keeping your legs in an elevated position can help you circulate the blood properly and you can avoid numbness in your legs due to poor circulation

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Poor Circulation

There are some great ayurvedic remedies which help you to treat and prevent poor circulation:
  • Herbs like Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Guggulu, Manjishtha, Black Pepper, in your diet will help you deal with this condition.
  • Herbal Mixture: Mix 5 parts of Punavama, 3 parts of Manjistha, 3 parts of Gokshura and take half tsp of this mixture two times everyday with hot water post meals.
Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:
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