Iahas-Heartburn and Acid Stomach

Heartburn and Acid Stomach


What is Heartburn and Acid Stomach?

Heartburn is a condition that occurs when you feel a burning pain in your chest, mostly occurs behind your breastbone. The suffering may worsen after the evening meal and also you may feel the pain when lying down and bending over. This condition may occur occasionally and is of no cause for concern. In most cases, heartburn can be treated with over-the-counter medications. However, it may be alarming if you experience it more frequently.

What are the Symptoms of Heartburn and Acid Stomach?

There are some typical symptoms of heartburn that includes, a burning pain behind the breastbone mostly happens after eating. The pain that may aggravate while bending over or lying down. In some rare cases you may also experience bitter or acidic taste in your mouth.

What are the Causes of Heartburn and Acid Stomach?

Mostly heartburn causes when your stomach tries to back up the acid into the esophagus. Generally, while swallowing the food, a group of muscle tissues across the bottom of the esophagus loosens to let the food and liquid stream down into the stomach. Once the process is done the muscle tissues tighten up again. Just in case the lower esophageal sphincter weakens, it may cause the stomach acid to flow back up into the esophageal and triggers heartburn.

When to see a Doctor?

  • In most cases, heartburn can be treated at home with simple remedies, and doctor intervention is not needed. But there are some instances when you may need to see a doctor to avoid more severe health conditions.
  • In case you experience heartburn more frequently, then you need to visit a doctor. Heartburn which occurs more than twice a week may be a cause for concern.
  • If your discomfort is not going away even after taking over-the-counter medications. You need to see a doctor immediately.
  • Sometimes you may experience heartburn with difficulty in swallowing. This might be a more severe condition than just heartburn. In this case, also seek medical intervention.
  • Vomiting and nausea are also a cause of worry. So you should not delay in seeing a physician.

Lifestyle Prevention of Heartburn and Acid Stomach

  • Preventing heartburn is possible if it is not caused by any underlying diseases. By following some simple steps, one can get rid of heartburn.
  • Diet plays a very important role in preventing heartburn. So, avoiding spicy food, fragmented food, and opting for a clean and healthy diet will help. However, citrus fruits are also not to be taken if you experience heartburn frequently. Sometimes overeating may cause heartburn. So, avoid that. Do not consume alcohol if you have heartburn problems. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages if possible. Daily workout is recommended to deal with any disease including heartburn.

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Stomach

Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Aloe Vera gel with Baking soda I Lime Juice, Baking soda and Organic sugar mix
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:
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