Iahas-Mahabhari Vach-Kulanganj

Mahabhari Vach (Kulanganj)


Mahabhari Vach Scientific Name

Alpinia galanga

Mahabhari Vach Other Names

English: Java Galangal, Greater Galangal, Blue Ginger, Thai Ginger, Siamese Ginger
Hindi: Kulanganj
Chinese: Liyang-Chiang
Portugese: Galanga
Sanskrit: Elaparni

What is Mahabhari Vach?

Mahabhari Vach, commonly known as Kulanganj, is a ginger-like perennial herb commonly used for combating flatulence, dyspepsia, vomiting, and stomach sickness. It is often recommended as a remedy for seasickness. It tones up tissues and is sometimes prescribed to reduce a fever. Modern research has proven that it holds bronchodilator properties, which means it opens up the lungs.

Common forms of Mahabhari Vach

Root Powder

Mahabhari Vach is commonly used for:

  • Treating sore throat, cough, and the common cold
  • Treating erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive in males
  • Treating Hypothermia by increasing body temperature
  • Improving appetite and treat indigestion
  • Treating Joint pain
  • Treating Asthma
  • Relieving a Toothache
  • Curing bad breath

Mahabhari Vach Dosage

Root Powder: 1-3g
Decoction: 10-30ml

Mahabhari Vach Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Increases blood pressure and blood flow. Those suffering from hypertension should avoid Mahabhari Vach.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Not known.
Children: Not known.
Not known.

Where to Buy Mahabhari Vach in US?

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