Iahas-Lemon Verbena-Nimbuka

Lemon Verbena (Nimbuka)


Lemon Verbena Scientific Name

Aloysia citrodora

Lemon Verbena Other Names

English: Lemon-scented verbena
French: Verveine citronnelle, Verveine odorante
German: Zitronenverbene
Spanish: Cedron, Hierbaluisa
Sanskrit: Nimbuka

What is Lemon Verbena?

Lemon Verbena can be seen in nature as a white flower. It is commonly used in cooking especially in jams, beverages and other such food items. Lemon Verbena is mostly used by deriving essential oil from the plant; however, the herb is known to have numerous health advantages. It is known to have antispasmodic properties and is used for digestive disorders such as gas or diarrhea, multiple sclerosis (MS), muscle damage caused by exercise, insomnia, and other conditions.

Common forms of Lemon Verbena

Leaves, Oil

Lemon Verbena is commonly used for:

  • Losing weight
  • Strengthening Muscles
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Maintaining a strong immune system
  • Curing digestive issues
  • Reducing levels of stress and anxiety
  • Reducing symptoms of a fever
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Aiding Digestion

Lemon Verbena Dosage

Leaves Tea: Use ½ -1 teaspoon of dried leaves per person, per cup of boiling water.

Lemon Verbena Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Lemon Verbena can cause skin irritation (dermatitis) in some people. Contact with lemon verbena may cause red, itchy skin rash in some people.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take lemon verbena.
Children: Not known.
Large amounts of lemon verbena may irritate the kidneys and make kidney disease worse. Avoid using large amounts if you have kidney problems.

Where to Buy Lemon Verbena in US?

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