Kakatundi Scientific Name

Asclepias curassavica

Kakatundi Other Names

English: Mexican Butterfly Weed, Scarlet Milkweed, Bloodflower, Silkweed
Hindi: Kakatundi
Mizo: Ding-di
Manipuri: Krishnachura
Marathi: Pivla Chitrak

What is Kakatundi?

Katatundi is commonly known in the US as Mexican Butterfly Weed because some butterflies use it as a food source. As a decorative plant, Katatundi is distinguishably red and yellow. Kakatundi works well as a laxative, expectorant and emetic which is then used for the treatment of various health conditions like fever, warts, and to induce vomiting. Additionally, the Katundi root is used to stop bleeding and treat ringworms.

Common forms of Kakatundi

Flower, Leaf, Roots, Seeds

Kakatundi is commonly used for:

  • Treating fever
  • Inducing vomiting
  • Treating stomach tumors
  • Treating piles
  • Treating intestinal parasites
  • Treating ringworm
  • Curing hemorrhage
  • Curing constipation
  • Treating kidney stones
  • Treating asthma

Kakatundi Dosage

Due to a lack of scientific research, there is no clear dosage for Katatundi.

Kakatundi Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Not known.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Not known.
Children: Not known.

Not known.

Where to Buy Kakatundi in the US?

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