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What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag or jet lag disorder is a condition that occurs when someone rapidly journeys around various time zones. This is also considered to be a momentary sleep disorder. Jet lag happens when your body’s biological clock or everyday rhythm is disturbed by traveling around different time zones. This momentary sleep disorder impacts your vitality and state of awareness. Your body follows this biological clock to implement certain natural tasks. Such as, circulating hormones that assist you to sleep, or wake you up in the morning.

What are the Symptoms of Jet Lag?

Tiredness and fatigue are very common symptoms if you have a sleeping disorder. This happens as your body doesn’t get enough sleep and rest to perform with full energy. Drowsiness is also one of the main signs of jet lag. Since your biological clock changes, your brain sometimes gets wrong signals which may cause disorientation and confusion. Excessive sleepiness and insomnia are also very much part of the symptoms. Your body will wake you up during the time you are supposed to sleep and make you feel sleepy during your working hours. Since your body doesn’t get enough rest, it may upset your stomach and you can experience diarrhea.

What are the Causes of Jet Lag?

  • Jet lag can happen anytime you cross two or more time zones. Jet lag happens since crossing various time zones puts your biological clock out of synchronizing with the time in your new location.
  • However, other causes may worsen the symptoms, such as the effect of sunlight, dehydration, consuming coffee or alcohol, the timing of your sleep, etc.

When to see a Doctor?

Jet lag is not a serious illness, and it is temporary. But if someone travels frequently and suffers from jet lag continually, then seeing a sleep specialist may help. There might be instances when you suffer from more severe symptoms, such as cold sweating, fever with vomiting, etc. then immediately book an appointment with a doctor.

Lifestyle Prevention of Jet Lag

  • Jet lag can be prevented and cured by making some lifestyle changes. Following tips might help you to reduce the symptoms of jet lag.
  • Sleeping during your flight may help you adjust to the new time zone. However, in case your time of arrival is at night, then try to be awake for a few hours before the landing.
  • While booking your flight, try to select flight timing strategically. Try to reach the destination in the morning time. This will surely help.
  • Also do not start boozing as soon as you land. You need to give your digestive system some more time to adjust to your new biological clock.
  • Following a jet lag diet is very important. Having light food is helpful. So avoid heavy meals initially.

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Jet Lag

Some Ayurvedic remedies can do wonders in preventing and treating jet lag faster. Herbs and spices like ginger, triphala, cinnamon, nutmeg are really helpful to treat any sleeping disorders including jet lag
  • Ginger: Ginger is considered to be a natural sedative . Sipping ginger tea will help you deal with your digestion and sleepiness. Also you can take ginger capsules.
  • Nutmeg and Cardamom blend: Nutmeg is a great herb for insomnia. Using nutmeg and cardamom blend in coffee, tea or milk will help you have a better sleep.
  • Triphala: Triphala is a phenomenal herb for regulating bowel movements, and it is also helpful in preventing constipation. Add half a teaspoon of the powder to one cup of hot water and soak for around 10 minutes, till it is cool enough to drink. Put the herbs at the bottom side of the cup while you drink for an improved impact.
Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:
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