Gudmar (Gurmar)


Gudmar Scientific Name

Gymnema sylvestre

Gudmar Other Names

English: Cowplant, Australian Cowplant, Gymnema
Hindi: Gudmar, Gurmar
French: Kino des Indes, Pterocarpe a bourse
Sanskrit: Meshashringi, madhunashini

What is Gudmar?

Gudmar or Gurmar is a climber plant and popular Ayurvedic herb for it’s immense medicinal and healing properties.

The leaves of the trees contain gymnemic acids, a bioactive compound, that suppresses sweet taste receptors on the tongue, which makes this a valued herb in diabetic treatment. This herb is also popularly known as Madhunashini in Sanskrit meaning “sugar destroyer”.

Common forms of Gudmar

Powder,Capsules, Tablets

Gudmar is commonly used for:

  • Treating and managing Diabetes
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Curing metabolic syndrome
  • Stimulating digestion
  • Creating malaria and snake bites
  • Curing cough
  • Softening the stools and aiding bowel movement in constipation
  • Increasing urine excretion (diuretic)
  • Treating wounds & ulcers

Gudmar Dosage

Tablets: 1-2 tablets daily or as prescribed
Powder: ¼ – ½ tsp once or twice daily or as prescribed
Capsule: 1-2 capsules once or twice daily or as prescribed

Gudmar Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Excess intake can lower blood pressure and cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, light-headedness, etc.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Avoid taking.
Children: Not known.

Where to Buy Gudmar in US?

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