Iahas-Changeri-Oxalis corniculata

Changeri (Oxalis corniculata)


Changeri Scientific Name

Oxalis corniculata

Changeri Other Names

English: Yellow wood sorrel, Creeping wood sorrel, Creeping oxalis
Hindi: Amrul, Changeri
Bengali: Amrul
Malayalam: Pulliparel
French: Alleluia, Oxalis cornicluee
German: Gelber saurerklee, Gehörnter sauerklee
Italian: Ossalida corniculata
Spanish: Acederilla, Vinagrera
Portuguese: Azedinha, Erva-azedo
Chinese: Cu-jiang-cao
Sanskrit: Ambashta, Changeri, Dantashatha, Ambastha, Amdalonika, Kushali

What is Changeri?

Changeri is found in Ayurveda and is used for the treating diarrhea and haemorrhoids. It grows best in Spring or Fall in warmer climates, but its flowers and fruits will be present year-round. There are two species of Changeri: Small Changeri and Large Changeri. There is no clear origin. It has many weedy characteristics, being readily self-pollinated, producing copious seeds in a short time, and being capable of growing rapidly in open places.

Common forms of Changeri

Leaf, Fruit, Whole Plant, Seeds

Changeri is commonly used for:

  • Relieving Stomach Ache
  • Treating colon or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Managing diarrhea
  • Treating abscess
  • Managing indigestion
  • Treating dysentery
  • Treating fever
  • Treating jaundice
  • Managing acne
  • Managing earache
  • Managing swelling
  • Treating headache
  • Treating piles

Changeri Dosage

Juice: 15-30 ml two times a day.
Decoction: 10-15 ml two times a day.

Changeri Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Diarrhea, Nausea, Increased Urination, Skin Reactions, Stomach irritation, Eye damage, and Kidney damage. There may also be Swelling of the mouth, tongue, and throat and can make speaking and breathing difficult.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Changeri is unsafe for both mothers and infants. Avoid use.
Children: Unsafe. Avoid Use. It contains crystals made of oxalic acid that can damage the organs.  Severe symptoms have been reported in children.

Not known.

Where to Buy Changeri in US?

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