Iahas-Chandrashoor-Garden Cress

Chandrashoor (Garden Cress)


Chandrashoor Scientific Name

Lepidium Sativum

Chandrashoor Other Names

English: Aliv seeds, Garden Cress, Garden Pepper Cress
French: Cresson de Fontaine
Hindi: Chansoor, Chandrashoor, Halim
Sanskrit: Chandrika, Bhandra, Nadini, Karvi

What is Chandrashoor?

This herb belongs to the mustard family and commonly known as Aliv seeds. The consumption of seeds is found to be helpful in treating bloating, amenorrhoea and irregular menstrual period cycles. The seeds are known to be effective in strengthening bones and muscles, especially boosting body height during teenage growth spurt).
For women Aliv seeds are considered as Galactogogues that improve breast milk production in lactating mothers. When taken by men, it helps in vitality and improves semen and sperm quality and quantity. It can also be applied externally as a paste to relieve pain, wounds with worm infestation, and treats skin disorders that cause itching.

Common forms of Chandrashoor

Powder, Seeds, Fresh Leaves

Chandrashoor is commonly used for:

  • Treating Anaemia
  • Bloating and Constipation
  • High blood pressure
  • Gout
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Diarrohoea & Dysentery

Chandrashoor Dosage

Powder: 2 to 3 gm twice a day

Chandrashoor Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Gastrointestinal problems in people who are allergic to mustard oil.
Not so common side-effects: Not recommended for people who suffer from frequent urination.
Pregnant women: Not recommended as it stimulates uterine contractions and can abort pregnancy.
Children: Not known
Garden cress seeds can interfere with iodine absorption and can cause thyroid dysfunction

Where to Buy Chandrashoor in US?

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