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Bleeding internal (hemorrhaging)


What is Bleeding internal?

Internal bleeding is a health condition that occurs within your body. Instances of this condition include peptic ulcer, hematoma, and bleeding through the urethra. This condition is often very tough to diagnose as it happens internally, and no one can see.

What are the Symptoms of Bleeding internal?

The symptoms of internal bleeding can be numerous and usually similar to some other ailments. However, here are some obvious symptoms one may experience if one has this condition. Severe headaches or sudden headaches can be a symptom of internal bleeding. Fatigue or lethargy can be experienced as well. One may also feel weakness and numbness mostly on one side of the body. Apart from these, the person who is suffering from this condition will have speech difficulty or difficulty in writing and understanding any speech. They often feel like losing balance while walking or may lose consciousness. They also have difficulties in hearing.

What are the Causes of Bleeding internal?

The causes of internal bleeding can be different. There can be several factors that may trigger this condition. The internal bleeding may be caused by an injury to a blood vessel or because of some clotting issues. If someone has been suffering from persistent high blood pressure may also experience internal bleeding. The gastrointestinal might as well be involved in triggering internal bleedings. Some lifestyle factors like heavy smoking or drinking can cause internal bleeding in the stomach as the lining of the stomach may get irritated.

When to see a Doctor?

The presence of blood in the urine or stools can be a sign of severe ailments. For instance kidney problems or cancer, and should be examined further profoundly in discussion with your doctor.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Bleeding internal

The prevention of this condition is difficult as the causes are many. However, there can be some lifestyle preventions for internal bleeding. As we have already discussed, this condition may occur due to other diseases like high blood pressure, so controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol is crucial. Also preventing diseases that are related to alcohol can be avoided by controlling alcohol consumption. Injury prevention also needs to be practiced by wearing safety equipment for activities that may cause harm and may hurt you.
Persons taking medications that affect them to internal (and external) bleeding must take additional protections to prevent any trauma; furthermore, they should continue to get routine blood tests (INR, PT, CBC’s) to see if they are properly medicated and ensure that they are not bleeding internally.

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Bleeding internal

Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Lodhra, Kushtha and Bilva herb mix | Turmeric, Saffron mix in warm milk
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Not Known
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