Iahas-Bermuda grass-Durva

Bermuda grass (Durva)


Bermuda grass Scientific Name

Cynodon dactylon

Bermuda grass Other Names

English: Bermuda grass, Conch Grass, Indian doab, Scutch grass
Tamil: Arugampullu
Hindi: Doobh
Sanskrit: Durva

What is Bermuda grass?

Durva or Bermuda grass is a common kind of short grass found in India. It is planted especially for its therapeutic properties. It contains a compound called Agropyrene, a volatile oil, that has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It also contains a hormone precursor sitosterol.
In ayurveda it is mainly used in decoctions for it’s anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, hypotensive and anti-cancer properties.

Common forms of Bermuda grass

Fresh Leaves, Juice, Powder

Bermuda grass is commonly used for:

  • Promoting Wound healing
  • Treating stomach ulcer
  • Reducing redness in eyes and treating burning eyes
  • Treating scorpion bites
  • Relieving skin diseases like scabies, herpes, etc.
  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Relieving bleeding gums and other oral problems

Bermuda grass Dosage

Juice: 10-20 ml daily
Decoction: 40-50 ml daily

Bermuda grass Side-effects and Warnings

Common side-effects: Not known.
Not so common side-effects: Not known.
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Not known.
Children: Not known.

Where to Buy Bermuda grass in US?

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