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Anger and Hostility


What is Anger and Hostility?

Anger is a condition where your adrenaline and other hormones release into the bloodstream resulting in high blood pressure, faster heartbeats and make you breathe faster than normal. On the other hand, hostility is a mental condition where a person is always up for a fight. People with this condition are mostly stubborn in nature and they are very impatience and hot-headed which make them feel like hitting something or someone.

What are the Symptoms of Anger and Hostility?

Just like other conditions the symptoms of Anger and Hostility also vary from person to person. However, these conditions are two dimensional, physical, and emotional so, symptoms can also be categorized based on physical symptoms and emotional symptoms.

The most common physical symptoms are a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. Apart from these two symptoms, it is often seen that a person also experiences symptoms like tingling sensation and muscle tension. When it comes to emotional symptoms, there are many. But mostly a person with anger and hostility experiences symptoms like irritability, frustration, anxiety, stress, rage. Sometimes they also feel overwhelmed.

What are the Causes of Anger and Hostility?

Anger and Hostility are more of an emotional condition than physical. So, the causes are also mostly emotional. The most widespread causes of these conditions are depression, grief, peer pressure, stress at work, overconsumption of alcohol, etc. Nevertheless, there are some mental disorders like Oppositional defiant disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Bipolar disorder that triggers these conditions.

When to see a Doctor?

It’s really crucial to seek medical attention at the right time, before it is too late. Often these conditions are considered to be handled at home and people don’t understand the importance of treating these conditions. So whenever someone experiences a persistent feeling of anger and depression then it is time to see a doctor. A physician can help you decide whether the condition will go away on its own or a special treatment is needed.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Anger and Hostility

  • These conditions can be prevented. That is good news. However, it takes a lot of effort and persistence to change the lifestyle and opt for a healthier one. How do we do that? Well let’s understand.
  • Most of the emotional problems or any other mental as well as physical conditions can be prevented by changing the diet plan. Choosing a pitta pacifying diet is the key in controlling and preventing this condition. They need to avoid hot and spicy food and foods that are fermented. Avoiding citrus fruit and sour fruit is also advised. The diet should include foods that are mostly bland in taste. Cool drinks are also very helpful in preventing these conditions.
  • Apart from changing your diet, training your brain to be cool is very important. That is only possible by meditation. Meditation is a time-tested method to control anger and hostility. While meditating one should try to watch every emotion come and go without taming it.
  • Doing breathing exercise and Yoga is also very essential to counteract these conditions. Breathing exercises like Pranayama is a great stress reliever and helps in controlling anger. Also try some yoga postures like Camel. Cobra, Cow, Goat and bridge. But, avoid yoga postures like Sun Saluting, headstand or any other yoga that involves inverted poses.

Common Ayurvedic Remedies for Anger and Hostility

Curative Ayurvedic Herbs:
Not Known.
Preventative Ayurvedic Herbs:

Bhringraj Oil Massage I Sandalwood Oil I ChamomileTulsi-Rose tea I Grape Juice-CuminFennelSandalwood Juice

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